How do you know when you have an advantage over your opponents?

This is a question that even the best players can struggle to answer for some situations. slot gacor In fact, there are situations where even the most seasoned players can get confused or overly conservative in their play.

One of the situations where many players tend to struggle is when they get dealt a large number of cards in the middle rounds of a poker tournament. When you are dealt cards at this point you either have to hope that the board gives you a few opportunities to make a move against your opponents or you will have to use your read on the players and hope they don’t have an unbeatable hand.

This is a point where we will discuss the importance of your position in a later article. Right now we would like to discuss how you can use your read on players to help you when you are trying to spot a big pair.

How do we know when we have a big pair? One of the best ways to get an idea is to analyze the cards on the table from earlier deals. We will be discussing multiple card deals in later articles, but at this point it would be a good idea to understand which cards can be powerful cards and which cards are marginal cards.

Playing familiarity in the flop

If you have spent some time playing familiar games, such as 3 card poker, then you will be familiar with the flop and the action it takes place. In these games, if you want to see the flop you are going to have to bet the blinds or to raise, whatever the situation. Understanding the flop as it relates to your hand is really the first rule of thumb in applying big pair strategies.

Reading the flop

If you don’t know much about the flop you can work out by first knowing the starting hands. The blinds are always ranked as follows: AA-JJ-TT. So let’s say you are going for a small pair. If the table is playing 3 cards into a stud, then you would need to play aces, kings or queens in this situation. This is also true of several other combinations.

As you look at the types of hands that your opponents are playing, you can guess a lot based upon the flop cards that they are showing. If some of the players are throwing in other cards, then you can feel pretty confident with your hand, even if it’s not the strongest. As a rule of thumb, if you are playing against players showing a lot of weakness, you can add a small bet here to verify. If you are playing against players playing a lot of hands, throw in a bigger bet and you will probably take out some pots. The key is to throw in the small bets disguised as raises, to make the other players think twice about calling your flop bet.

The important thing to remember about the flop cards is that they don’t have to be the keys to your victory. Once you learn to read the flop, you will know a lot more about the strength of your hand compared to the weakness of your hand. In general,I like to play almost any suited card in my hand. Most of the time playing a suited card is not just strong, it is easily the strongest hand.

The exception is some weaker hands, such as 2-7, where it is far from the best hand. In these cases you can safely hump a suited card without making a serious effort to improve your hand.

Disguise Your Hand

When you are trying to deceive your opponents, it is important to be dishing out a deceiving hand. When you are Castro-Tuations and you have a big hand, you will almost certainly raise. However, you will not likely re-raise unless forced to do so. However, should you obligation to raise lays on the fact that you have a big hand, no player will likely fear your raise or the fact that you are betting.

In this case, raising is seen as a way to attempt to build the pot, ‘get’ the pot, or intimidate the opponents. These kinds of moves are most often performed by the aggressive online poker player who is trying to build their chip stack or in the best case scenario, take the tournament.

Carry On Methods

These kinds of moves or strategies are only appropriate in certain circumstances and should only be used in a limited or specific set of situations. Overplaying your hand is the ultimate wrong move and should be avoided at all costs.

Stealing Blinds

Stealing blinds should form a significant part of your poker strategy. Yet, when looking for a bluff you must be aware of your opponents and how they have adjusted their playing styles. Loose players are far more likely to give in to a raise than tight ones.

Spotting the Big Pair in Tournament Poker – With Help From Pros
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